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Defining who we are is simple. We are a Nashville-based staffing firm that exists to help our dynamic clients hire the best and brightest Data and Analytic talent in the marketplace. At Synergy Systems, recruiting is in our DNA. We’re the final product of a long evolution of staffing firms, and we’ve emerged with processes that are efficient, reliable, and repeatable. Our team of passionate recruiters are expert team builders and are proud to have earned a sterling track record of well over 1,000 successful placements. No matter what your hiring challenges are, we’re here to help you overcome them.

how moneyball and years of toiling in the minor leagues led to OUR INCEPTION

Years ago, we decided that Synergy System’s specialized focus would be identifying the right Data and Analytics Professionals for our clients.

At the center of this decision were the personal experiences and beliefs of our founder, Jeff Martin.

Before graduating from Vanderbilt, Jeff spent 5 years in the Boston Red Sox organization as a catcher. During that time, he had a teammate, Scott Hatteburg, who was also a catcher and competing with him for a roster spot. Scott eventually made it to the big leagues with the Red Sox, A’s, and Reds. That alone isn’t that unique, nor was it very disappointing for Jeff, as he respected Scott’s skills. It’s the fact that Scott Hatteburg became the feature character in Michael Lewis’ Moneyball in 2007 that eventually made it to film and to fame in 2011 when Brad Pitt played Oakland A’s GM, Billy Beane.

You see, Jeff had plenty of natural talent and the requisite physical skills to be a big-league player. However, it was the underlying lack of belief in himself that led to the ultimate demise of his professional career. Moneyball did not strike a nerve because it brought his failure back into reality again, nor was it because he had to watch Hatteburg succeed both on the field as well as the big screen. It was the realization that what was being shared analytically and as a radical concept in 2001 and 2002 in selecting free agents and drafting players was 100%, absolutely correct!

Most baseball coaches, scouts, and managers thought it wasn’t purely physical traits or tools like Home Run Power or the strongest throwing arm that made the best player.  The qualities that didn’t show up in the box score were truly what made the player: the ability to grind, day in and day out, and the mental capacity to endure adversity and still perform.

Baseball is a statistical game, and for anyone who knows baseball, there are more statistics generated than almost any other sport. What helps a team win is undoubtedly dependent upon physical skills, but when all of those skills are relatively equal, it’s the mental and emotional strengths that separate the great players from the almost great players.

From that moment on, Jeff knew he wanted to build a company that used data and analytics to improve performance and help employees and clients succeed by giving them every advantage. Fundamentally, it was about giving them “what they need,” not just what they “want” or “think they want.”


After 5 years in the Boston Red Sox farm system as a catcher, Jeff left his pro baseball life “to chase his real dream of Staff Augmentation.” Joking aside, he did leave baseball to complete his degree from Vanderbilt University in Human and Organizational Development in 1996 and spent the first 10 years of his business career at nationally recognized firms such as Tek Systems and Compuware.

In 2007, he founded Synergy Systems and served as CEO for 9 years. Hungry for a new challenge, in 2016, he merged Synergy Systems with new partners and formed Core10 Inc and served as its CEO from its earliest days until the end of 2019. This included Core10’s team being awarded the Nashville Next Awards 2019- Technology Startup of the Year, as well as 2017’s TechConnect WV Startup Innovation Award for their Hereshore® Centers model.

Jeff possesses deep industry experience ranging from recruiting & talent management, sales & revenue management, as well as extensive operational leadership. It was during these past few years as CEO of a VC-backed tech startup that he recognized a massive need existed for small and midsized companies. The need was for a focused alternative that helps clients compete with enterprise clients for the best talent and to improve upon the support offered which often leaves clients and candidates feeling at odds with each other.

Jeff Martin


01. Hiring strategy

We work closely with the stakeholder to define and refine the “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves” as well as the cultural ideals for the right candidates—before we move forward.

02. Talent Sourcing

Our feet hit the street. This includes referrals, current contacts, and any external job posting or networking. Before we present you with a shortlist of candidates, we make sure we’ve checked every nook and cranny in our network.

03. Screening Refinement

After we’ve identified a list of possible matches, we narrow down the pool of qualified candidates even further. We work closely with both clients and candidates to clearly communicate talent pipeline/job status.


Questions? Get in touch with one of our team members to learn how we can help find the right talent for your team.


Over the years, we’ve built out an expansive network of top talent and key relationships in multiple practice areas. You can learn more about how we help you find top talent in each one below.


Business Intelligence (BI) Data Architecture Data Engineering/Big Data Data Visualization Data Governance Software Engineering


Data Scientists Quantitative Analysts Machine Learning/AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) Computer Vision


Digital Analysts Digital Implementation Managers Web Analysts Conversion Rate Optimization Analysts Marketing Analysts


Business Intelligence (BI) Data Architecture Data Engineering/Big Data Data Visualization Data Governance Software Engineering


Data Scientists Quantitative Analysts Machine Learning/AI Natural Language Processing (NLP) Computer Vision


Digital Analysts Digital Implementation Managers Web Analysts Conversion Rate Optimization Analysts Marketing Analysts


Doug Hudson
CEO | Tend

“Amazing talent partners. We were introduced to the Synergy Systems team, met with them for a few sessions and then they literally did all of the heavy lifting and an amazing job of building out our tech team over the next 4-5 months in an amazing fashion. For us, it was a huge benefit to partner with Jeff and his team of professional recruiters.”

Julia Polk
Chief Strategy Officer | DeCode Health

“Jeff and I worked closely together when I was CFO of Change Healthcare years ago. His team at Synergy Systems placed all of the tech hires we needed to build that business. He’s a good man and partner and one of the few recruiters who gets what it’s like to build a business. This sets him apart in my eyes, I would recommend them at the highest level.”

Michael Johnson
CIO, Vice President | Bridgestone Europe, Middle East & Africa

“As a leader in the technology world, you interact with many recruiters and it is easy to assume they are all the same. That would be a mistake when talking about Synergy Systems. After leaving my CIO role where I first engaged and worked with Jeff and his team, my next role led me to operational head for a much larger global organization. After transitioning to this role and evaluating our teams and process, one of the best moves I made was engaging the Synergy Systems team to transform our landscape with their ability to identify, attract and recruit talent for both contract and direct hire roles. This was absolutely one of the most successful partnerships I have had during my time here and cannot speak highly enough about their ability to produce.”

Bradford Winfrey
Vice President, Engineering | Alto IRA

“The 1st time I worked with the Synergy Systems team I was a candidate for a position they were recruiting. I was selected for the role and it changed my life for good; and will go down as one of the best jobs I’ve ever had (Change Healthcare). Now I find myself in a position where I need to identify and hire great engineers. I was looking for a unicorn, and in a short period of time Jeff had two very strong candidates in front of me. His candidate is absolutely crushing it for us here at Alto IRA, and I would absolutely leverage his team again in the future and highly recommend them.”

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