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Massive Shifts in Data Engineering Increase Demand for Talent
The data and analytics industry has recently experienced enormous changes with equally massive implications. These shifts all revolve around Google’s new AI chip design and A2...
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Nailed IT: What Tech is Getting Right in a Post-COVID World
Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.  However, nowadays, inventions are often developed years before they are necessities—there’s a necessary correction to make to the above...
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Market Research and Data Analytics in 2021
With every passing year (or every day, as it seems) our technology and tools get better and better and providing more accurate research and data...
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Removing Guesswork From the Interview Process
Being involved in data and analytics means doing away with relying on intuition and guesswork. You're in an industry where answers are derived, and hypotheses...
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Data Scientist in 2021? What Salaries to Expect
Many throughout the industry are happy to have 2020 behind them. The challenges have been arduous, and the impact on everybody’s personal and professional lives...
How to Prepare for Your Next Interview in Data & Analytics in 2021
We've entered a new year, meaning there will be plenty of data and analytics talent looking for opportunities. It also means that hiring managers will...
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