Nailed IT: What Tech is Getting Right in a Post-COVID World

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. 

However, nowadays, inventions are often developed years before they are necessities—there’s a necessary correction to make to the above statement: Necessity drives change

For instance, remote work and services were available long before the pandemic. The various tech involved wasn’t suddenly invented once COVID-19 reared its ugly head. But once stay-at-home orders were issued, those approaches became the norm. 

From there, Pandora’s Box was opened, and people realized there was no turning back. Remote work meant more productivity, less overhead, new ways to serve people, better work/life balance, and more job candidates. 

Beyond that, there’s a substantial improvement in services due to tech being used during the pandemic. Consultants, as an example, are expected to provide value. And they must prove without a doubt how they can make a positive difference through tech and data-based initiatives.

This blog will examine the positive changes tech has made in a Post-Covid world: 

Services Are Bringing Direct Value to Businesses

Many industries have faced tough times due to the pandemic and related global recession. 

From a consulting lens, the pandemic has driven a shift to value-based performance. This type of service was always available before. But the pandemic gave businesses less margin for error and can’t take risks on consultants that don’t show tangible results.

Initiatives involving data and tech will further the move to cost-effective solutions, not costly diagnoses. Furthermore, strategies will be expected to make sense for a business’s logistics and operations. 

Through tech solutions, results are quantifiable and measurable.

Why is this better? Transparency between business and clients strengthens relationships. It also lets service providers know where they might be going wrong. And in being held accountable to deliver results, the economy will benefit over the long haul because organizations won’t be wasting money on valueless services.

Virtual Consulting Services Becoming More Prevalent 

Expect virtual consulting platforms to take over in 2021.

Consider Australian consulting firm Benedetta, for instance. Their virtual platform – Reach – has been fast-tracked. And the company has vouched that their digital services are of the same quality as their physical consulting. 

Expect recruitment to follow this trend as well. Interviews, internships, and MBA programs can now all be done virtually. 

What does this all mean? Convenience in consulting and recruitment for everyone involved. 

The Evolution of Remote Work

Remote work becoming more the norm than ever isn’t likely to change. 

Why? Because businesses have seen – firsthand – that the tools are in place for remote work to be entirely productive. Much of this shift can be attributed to video conferencing technology.

People working from outside the office now benefit from live video feeds so they can communicate in real-time. Coworkers located in different countries can function similarly to those in neighboring offices. 

Not only is this adding to people’s quality of life (say goodbye to the daily commute), but it’s saving companies plenty of office overhead. In harsh economic times, doing away with costly leases makes sense to almost any organization. 

This doesn’t only apply to people working from home. Employees can also use shared workspaces from across the globe.

Every grey sky has a silver lining. While the pandemic has undoubtedly caused plenty of strife across the economy, the digital transformation has proven to be a net positive. 

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