8 steps for improving success when hiring Technical Sales Pro’s

The Top 8 Challenges Companies Face in hiring Sales People

1. Most salespeople know how to sell, and to sell themselves – They are capable of putting the best possible spin on their accomplishments when meeting with recruiters.

2. It can be very difficult to spot the ‘right’ personality in candidates to the untrained eye.

3. The recruiter has not properly prioritized what they are looking for and which skills are the most important.

4. The hiring benchmark has been established too low.

5. It is natural to be drawn to extrovert candidates, even if they are not the best match for the job position.

6. It can be challenging to perform accurate reference checks on candidates- – The best salespeople are almost always gainfully employed.

7. It can be challenging to verify the salespersons past performance history, especially in their current roles.

8. Hiring salespeople requires an understanding of sales and preferably sales training whereas recruiters do not need the same training to hire for different roles.

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