Most In-Demand Jobs for Data Professionals in 2021

The demand for data analytics talent is at an all-time high as more and more organizations commit themselves to making actionable use of the incredible amount of data at their disposal. Below are several coveted roles that most companies are frantically trying to fill before the talent supply runs dry.

Data Scientist

What is a Data Scientist’s Role?

These individuals collect and analyze data before translating into actionable insights.

Compared to a data analyst, scientists are a notch higher in standing. They focus on fully comprehending data at a deeper level to help generate projections and predictions.

What Are Some Requirements for Data Scientists?

Anyone in this role must be an analytics expert. They must also be well-versed with software tools, programming languages (e.g., Python, R), and data visualizations skills for storytelling purposes.

How Much Do Data Scientists Earn?

Given the high demand and lofty qualifications needed to fill this position, the average annual salary is $96,447 

Business Intelligence Analyst

What is a Business Intelligence Analyst’s Role?

Sussing out trends and patterns in their company and industry’s data is at the heart of any business intelligence (BI) analyst’s role.

Frequently, this role overlaps with that of data analysts.

What Are Some Requirements for Business Intelligence Analysts?

Thriving in this position necessitates data analysis expertise, comfort with SQL, and proficiency at visualizing/modeling data. Furthermore, a BI analyst must communicate effectively to correctly translate trends and patterns to their colleagues and higher-ups.

How Much Do Business Intelligence Analysts Earn?

BI analysts’ current average annual salary is $96,192. Experts in this field are highly sought after.

Data Engineer

What is a Data Engineer’s Role?

Primarily, a data engineer’s focus centers around more sizeable datasets. They’re then responsible for data analytics infrastructure optimization and are expected to hone and fine-tune these processes.

A frequent example of these responsibilities would be how engineers often streamline the data capturing process to improve their organization’s acquisitional pipeline.

What Are Some Requirements for Data Engineers?

Engineers must possess a firm grasp of operating systems and working knowledge of basic machine learning. They also must be fluent with Python and, unsurprisingly, have an in-depth mastery over databases.

 How Much Do Data Engineers Earn?

Given the vast skillset required for data engineers, the average annual salary is $92,445 and seems to be trending upward.

Quantitative Analyst

What is a Quantitative Analyst’s Role?

What differentiates quantitative analysts from the other roles in this blog is its top priority being financial investments.

More specifically, these professionals must interpret data analytics to pinpoint lucrative investment opportunities for their organization. Plus, they must identify risk management problems.

What Are Some Requirements for Quantitative Analysts?

Quantitative analysts must prove proficient in big data modeling. They’re expected to be fluent in Python, SQL, MATLAB, SAS, S-PLUS, or R.

Database management and machine learning are two other pivotal requirementsLastly, being skilled with C++ is necessary for high-frequency trading applications.

How Much Do Quantitative Analysts Earn?

On average, quantitative analysts earn $84,266.

However, it’s worth noting that these professionals often work for themselves. They construct trading models for stock price predictions, commodities, exchange rates, etc.

In fact, anyone following this career path could find it advantageous to open their own independent firm.

Data Analyst

What is a Data Analyst’s Role?

This role is the most self-explanatory on the list. Anyone hired as a data analyst must analyze industry-related and organizational data to pinpoint trends and possibly profitable business ventures.

The term “data analyst” is sometimes a catchall term across most industries, encapsulated by varying job titles.

For example, there are industry-specific job titles, such as a healthcare data analyst. Alternatively, more general titles apply to this position, such as business analyst, intelligence analyst, and an array of similar roles that include the same tasks and functions.

What Are Some Requirements for Data Analysts?

Anyone working in this position must display excellent programming and SQL skills. Furthermore, they must possess vast statistical knowledge and be at home when handling a data analysis workflow. Plus, high-level data visualization skills are required.

Where analysts differ from data scientists is that they don’t need to know much about machine learning.

How Much Do Data Analysts Earn?

Currently, data analysts’ average salary is $75,291, combined with a $2,500 yearly cash bonus.

Compared to the other roles discussed on this list, data analysts don’t earn as much, likely due to the lack of machine learning. Still, the earnings are substantial, and it provides a useful jumping-off point toward career advancement.

Need Help with Data Analytics Recruitment?

Careers and jobs in data analytics come with immense responsibilities and significantly impact the trajectory of a company. As such, it’s necessary to recruit and employ top talent that delivers tangible results.

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