Nashville is the Next Big Tech Hub. How Do We Know? Our Talent.

Nashville might forever be the music city, but its claims to fame are growing in numbers as time passes by. 

More specifically, Nashville has steadily grown into a flourishing tech hub in recent years. This ongoing progression into a technological powerhouse stems from innovation, cost, and quality of living. 

However, there’s one factor driving Nashville’s ascendancy in the tech space. 

We have the best tech talent in the nation. At Synergy Systems, it’s been a thrill to play a firsthand role in helping turn our city into an industry kingpin across the US, and projections continue to trend upward. 

This blog will explore Nashville’s current status in the US’s tech industry and what it means for your business: 

A Peek into the Numbers 

Tech jobs in Middle Tennessee grew by 36% between 2014 and 2019, says the 2020 State of Middle Tennessee Tech Report. 

While that number alone is enough to raise eyebrows and do a victory dance, there’s more good news for Nashville. The rest of the nation only experienced a 23% growth rate in tech jobs over the same period. Furthermore, tech job growth outperformed the 16% growth of all other jobs in Middle Tennessee.

 Although, unfortunately, what comes up inevitably goes down. 

The same can be said for projected job growth in the tech space in Nashville, with it expected to slow over the next few years. Between 2019 and 2024, Middle Tennessee is expected to experience 16% in job growth, a significant drop. 

Still, there remains a silver lining. That number will continue to eclipse the rest of the nation in tech job growth, which is expected to only reach 9%.

One reason for this level of tech job growth in Nashville is the abundant number of organizations sprouting up in the space with freight train-like momentum. 

Even a quick look into the following 3 recently funded startups (as per tells a vast portion of the story:

  •       Digital Reasoning, a cognitive computing startup, raised $106 million
  •, an audit confirmation software startup, raised $60 million
  •       Aspire Health, a palliative care provider, raised $54 million

That’s a lot of money being invested into new and exciting tech startups, meaning the appetite for growth remains strong. Moreover, the article highlights startup neighborhoods in Nashville, where you’ll find the likes of digital agency SnapShot Interactive and local tech darling Emma. 

Plus, there’s Crystal, a company that performs granular analysis on a person’s public digital presence to create a personality profile for salespeople and recruiters. 

Realistically, this blog can only scratch the surface concerning how many tech companies and related job opportunities there are in Nashville. So, click on this in-depth look at 14 Tech companies located in Nashville if you want to find out more. 

Nashville’s Exceptional Talent Pipelines 

The article also references Nashville’s thriving talent pipelines, citing the wealth of developer talent coming out of Nashville Software School. Run by well-known local entrepreneur John Wark, this institution offers “opportunity tuition” for 50% of its students. 

This “tuition” allows students to defer the bulk of their fees to when they’re employed, encouraging veterans, waiters, and musicians to learn about tech. 

Naturally, this idea of creating opportunities and contributing to growing the tech scene in Nashville is deeply personal to us at Synergy Systems. After all, that’s what we’ve been doing since our inception as a primary contributor to Nashville’s tech talent pipeline. 

Do you want to find out more about why Synergy Systems keeps finding the best tech talent in the nation? Then contact us today; we’ve got plenty of answers.

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