Talent Acquisition success benefits from ProActive Pipeline

Have you ever gone to the lake and seen the geese coast across the water while it appears effortless? This image leave you almost oblivious to the paddling and effort being generated just below the surface of the water that is fueling that progress. The same can often be said for great talent sourcing and recruiting process. The hiring managers and clients witness the recruiter presenting the Top 2-3 candidates with detail and passion, and often fail to realize the vast sourcing and vetting process that took place including sometimes speaking to 100’s of candidates to generate those highly qualified individuals.

The strength of your current and future sourcing talent pipeline is a great indicator of your business’s upcoming success. Businesses need to define, attract and develop the right mix of critical talent to support their growth plans.

Unfortunately, many businesses are reactive when it comes to talent acquisition, waiting until the last minute to begin reaching out to recruiters, posting jobs. This reactionary process sets organizations behind on their quest to identify and hire qualified talent in a timely manner for their open roles.

It’s more important than ever for companies to consider the value in being proactive in building their talent pipelines. Tight labor markets, unplanned departures are at all time highs and the most progressive companies mitigate these market risks. On-Demand candidate options at a fraction of the cost (savings up to 50-60%) associated with traditional recruiting and staffing fee models associated with bringing in new talent by building a proactive talent pipeline.

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